Vegan Update – First 100 Days

It’s been just on 100 days since shifting my focus away from meat and dairy – towards a plant based diet.

I feel lighter, leaner and clear headed.

BUT – I have to concede I have not stuck 100% to a plant based diet.

WHY? Because life. The moment about 45 days in when I noticed my energy was slipping into evangelical – or even worse – boring.

Vegan Update – first 100 Days

So I relaxed a little and when social situations presented – I may have had a slice of pizza, or mayonnaise, or tuna sushi.

All along I have allowed myself the grace of eggs from my chickens. That’s not up for debate.

But across the whole spectrum of my diet, my meat and dairy consumption has decreased to about less than 5% of my diet.

I don’t want to be that person who brings up his veganism at every opportunity – let alone bringing up addiction issues, or family issues.

I’m not waving the flag at every opportunity, and I’m ok with that. It’s not my job to convert you, or reveal my weak moments as though I am somehow less.

Here’s the TWO BIGGEST areas of change with being vegan.

1 – Milk, Ice cream, yogurt, – taking dairy out of my diet has been the biggest change. This time last year I was glugging two or three milky cappucinos each day – now the though of all that milk swirling around in my gut makes me shudder. Same with ice cream – as a regular night time thing. I replaced it with a cup of warm almond milk and it works just the same. My pants are getting looser, my belt buckle has moved in and that boob fat around my pecs has dwindled. Also my ear wax is clearer or non-existent, and I don’t have a ruynny nose or even the flu all winter. Breathing better than ever.

2 – My bowel movements are – this is a tricky one – let’s just say they are consistent in shape, form and regularity. It’s a pleasure to be packing so much fibre and being able to expel all those toxins/waste each day. It’s almost like I can correlate each meal with a bowel movement which is weirdly fascinating. I don’t know where this is headed, so I think I’ll stop now….

Reflection and Spring Growth

Have been reflecting on these past few weeks, from the end of winter to the start of spring here in Australia. It is a profound shift from stillness and retreat to high energy burst and simply joy at being alive right now.

It is the biggest shift of my annual cycle, and I have come to honour and value it as such. Previously I let cultural or societal norms dictate my inner flow – and waited until mid-summer for the release of Christmas and New Years.

But I was always so impatient to the point of bursting up until then – from the beginning of spring until midsummer. It was as though I wouldn’t let myself fully engage until the officially endorsed social norm of “Christmas” was announced.

It’s the same across so many other domains in life – I have been trained and led to believe that certain things happen on certain days and there are rituals and patterns to follow as that is tradition or the way things are.

But it’s simply not true. We create our own expectations – or even better, we learn to find that space where we actually don’t expect anything.

By stripping back our filters, our prejudices, our preferences – we come back to a state of simple awe, or curiosity, like everything has a shiny newness or fascinating enchantment that is at once completely foreign but also enticing and doesn’t elicit any fear. We just see and do as we feel the flow.

It’s the end of anxiety. Things move at their own pace – and take twists and turns as they are meant to. We’re not defined by outcomes or lost in thought – gazing ahead at what might happen or where things may unfold.

Whether I like it or not, whether I choose to take responsibility or not – I am here right now, at this point, largely through my own actions, choices and acceptance or avoidance of a unique set of opportunities. So it’s my choice to choose the simple clarity of lessening my own burden of expectation.

I feel lighter already… you can join my program here…

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Building a meaningful future from our tired self requires alchemy.

Finally accepting that I was at rock bottom mean there was only one choice remaining.

Stay at rock bottom, or spark something to life.

Sparking something to life required a personal alchemy – a kind of energy to bring something beautiful and magical out of all the ruins and broken bits that my life had become. First of all I looked outside for a quick catalyst – something to breakthrough instantly.

  • I tried the geographical solution – moving house. Lots of phone calls and I would lose my garden. Nope.
  • I tried the “maybe I’m actually really ill and I just don’t know it” solution. Lots of waiting rooms and yawning specialists. Nope.
  • I tried waiting for something external to come like a bolt of lightning. Crickets. Nope.
  • I tried serendipity – seeing something or someone that wasn’t quite there yet as the saviour. Crickets again. Nope.

Finally, I surrendered and began to look inside. I opened up to some internal re-alignments and began letting go of some old beliefs that had me anchored in my past.

I talked to someone who didn’t know my story so I could edit the bits I wanted to let go of and shine the spotlight on the areas I wanted to shine.

I released a lot of shit this way, and honestly the “lamp post” counselling worked – the other person honestly sitting there, listening but not offering any advice, solutions or guidance, just nodding and soaking it up like a lamp post.

Alchemy is your own personal magic to break through – deciding to do it and taking responsibility to make today a turning point in your story.

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And the magic? Not taking it too seriously, Smiling with a sense of playful curiosity that no matter how solid and permanent things may seem now – once you apply your mind alchemy you can melt steel and re-shape it into you next chapter in life.

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Letting Go

It took me a while to work out that finding a sense of inner peace does not depend on years of struggle and hardship and sacrifice.

In this reflection I share how living the struggle life meant I became unapproachable, hostile and actually attracted conflict.

Letting Go

Finding a sense of self forgiveness and letting go has meant I can have some space for myself first and others in their turn.  It means I am more open to things.


Here are some powerful resources on letting go

How to Let Go

Shame Mindfulness

Shame is deeper than guilt – shame is about identity and whilst guilt is about behaviour.  So when you are invited to feel shame, or ashamed, it is with a sense of being less or in a more permanent state of lack than the more temporary guilt.

Shame becomes a spiral – a negative corkscrew that narrows inward on itself with a focal point of unworthiness and being “essentially bad.”

Shame Mindfulness

In this reflection, I share my growth on shame and how growing through shame in particular personal circumstances has helped me.  I now don’t own shame or keep it or bury it – but instead let it flow by me and witness it pass.

Overcoming Addiction

Overcoming Addiction

My story breaking free from addiction doesn’t define my life story any more than coming third in the cross country in the fourth grade does. But I like to reflect on it because my addiction coloured such a large chunk of my adult life.

My addiction was a layer of protection I carried – like a shield to keep me in the shadow from the sun.

Now, I have no shield – life is simple and raw.


People hoard stuff like it is going to make a difference somewhere down the track.  It isn’t.  In the meantime you’ll be constipated with junk that needs to be dusted or sprayed for cockroaches. As a kid, I moved 17 times before I finished high school.  I learned that shit is meaningless pretty early on.

So – why did I grow up to be a materialistic pig with investment properties and businesses and reading about leveraging shares?  Well, I did for a while, then I stood back, inhaled a magical spiritual awakening – and now I can sit in stillness and simply be.

So wha?

Hoarding.  It’s hardwired into our brains to collect and categorize things from around age eight – that’s why Lego is so popular.

And it’s impressive – I learned early also that girls are naturally drawn to good collectors – whether it be vinyl, nightclub lists or just plain old money.  Collectors are highly valued – even if it is just as a source of what they have collected.

So we collect and collect and as we wind into the years, we are curating these impressive collections that somehow begin to reflect not opportunity – but maintenance and obligation.  The trainset needs dusting – the stamps need filing.  The hoarding becomes a symbol of past – not future.

Here’s my latest youtube video on Hoarding.  I can’t untangle the idea of with-holding and the scarcity mindset now when I see a hoarder.  I think  of a deprived childhood, or a sense of loss and lack.

But for me personally, less and simplicity is the ultimate.  Not even a beard or a bike – just barefoot, shaven and simple.  Join me.  Next time your run your fingers admiringly along something, first think – “do I really need this?” and don’t pretend that your answer is not unfalteringly  – no…

Doing Happiness

Doing Happiness. I don’t know about you, but I learned from an early age that happiness is earned by accomplishing things, getting things, changing things on the outside, changing how we look, how we act, who we have in our life etc. I see it time and again with people I work with – people feeling blindly for who they are – why is it that we were never taught how to be ourselves?

My whole coaching paradigm is built on knowing ourselves, and being comfortable, secure and whole in ourselves as a starting point. Authenticity as an entry point to happiness.  Maybe it’s more accurate to say that we were not allowed to just be ourselves.

I also learned early on that good people put themselves last – and others first. This led me on a ultimately ruinous series of relationships and life patterns – that only ceased when I began to give myself permission to self care.

If you’re anything like me, you were always being “something” for somebody else. When I finally stopped chasing other’s approval, and sought instead to be grounded in myself, I began to feel the warmth and glow of happiness. I could stop chasing happiness, It was with me all along. We are chasing because we are not happy.

Happiness comes from being in the moment observing life in a non-judgemental way including ourselves. Almost the definition of mindfulness. Happiness is coming from that heart centred place. That is who we are naturally, but we have lost touch with that very basic part of ourselves. We need to re-learn how to be again and make choices that are in-line with who we are at our essential nature, our core. It’s about consciously choosing not to live a life based on the conditioning that we have experienced or someone else’s expectations.

We take happiness for granted, and put conditions on it. “I will be happy when..”  “As soon as x, then I will be happy…” Even the trick of delaying happiness until a holiday, or retirement, or the weekend, or tonight.

Doing Happiness

If you observe closely you will start to see the conditions that you have put in place and are basically guiding your life. The problem is, when you meet one of those conditions; the ideal job, the ideal partner, losing weight or nearing Friday afternoon, you find that it is not true happiness. But instead, a mirage – an illusion that begins dissolving back into the horizon just as quickly as you approach it.

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True happiness is realizing there is nothing wrong with you or anything in your experience. Happiness begins with self acceptance.

Happiness is realizing that nothing needs to change about you or the world. It is not based on anything being different… it comes from simply being present in your experience, simply observing and making choices from that heart centered place, from that mindful state of being that is with you always.

I’m hoping you want to explore you own relationship with happiness and that begins with an Awareness Upgrade.  Take the plunge…