Hi, my name is Bren

HI, my name is Bren Murphy and I lead Mindfulness Wellness Walks around scenic spots in my hometown Newcastle, NSW. For me, mindfulness is about stepping into stillness, and escaping from the scattered energy and busy-ness of avoidance, distraction and apathy.  I write a blog and you can read my latest updates by joining here.

I came to mindfulness from addiction, over work and a general loss of connection. In mindfulness I find a simple honesty and integrity that keeps me grounded. I hope to share that same sense of completeness and connection with you.

Mindfulness Walks
I lead Mindfulness Newcastle – a meetup group that hosts wellness walks around town. We walk a set path and pause for mindfulness exercises along the way. Participants describe it as a beautiful way to connect with nature and outside as well as go inward.

As a Mindfulness Specialist, I offer mindfulness training and workshops for groups and workplaces. Mindfulness in the workplace fosters essential soft skills like empathy and self-regulation that increase effective communication. Workplaces with effective, empathic communication are organically more productive and simply better places to be.  Subscribe to Free Updates.

Life Coach
I have trained with the International Coach Federation and offer heart-based life coaching. I am a certified Hypnotherapist, and hold a Masters accreditation in NLP. As a mindfulness life coach it is not about achieving goals in the future, but instead sculpting a day to day mindful approach to a more connected, meaningful and aligned life.  I always appreciate new offers to collaborate – share your story when you contact me.