HI, I’M Bren

I’m a personal coach and mindset transformation specialist!  I help people like you overcome blockages, break free and live well.

When I left high school I was destined for a high flying career as a corporate lawyer.  Dropping out of law school after 3 years certainly surprised a few people!  I drifted in and out of jobs for a couple of years.  Then I found work at a worm farm – shovelling cow manure to feed the worms so they could be used for composting.  It was fun!

A big part of this work was helping people with mental health and intellectual challenges – and I worked in this sector for eight years.  But I felt an urge to start my own business – which I did and for the next ten years I was an entrepreneur.  I brought online businesses to life and started some of my own – making million dollar sales and learning a great deal about myself and life in the meantime.

Personally, the business commitments took their toll on my health – and by the time I was 36 I had ballooned in weight, was STILL smoking cigarettes, and inhaling junk food like there was no tomorrow.  But bigger than all that was my alcohol drinking – I was, to put it bluntly – a boring old alcoholic.

So I went to rehab and quit drinking – and wrote a book or two about it in the process.  And then I sold my business and enrolled in a life coaching course. And I committed to doing 7 hours of yoga every week – which I have kept up now for three years!  And I run half marathons and keep backyard chickens and grow my own private tree fern and palm tree rainforest by the beach.  With my wife and three spirited(!) daughters!