The Awareness Upgrade – is a unique Mindfulness based Life Coaching program.  The best way to learn as an adult is by doing, through immersion, and that works for Mindfulness too!

Each Mindfulness Expert I have trained with has recommended the same thing – to practice daily and reflect on your experiences.  I have added my own twist with a daily journal and not one but TWO Awareness Upgrade Workshops – one for Launching Awareness and one for Sustaining Awareness.

1. Introductory Workshop

Launching Awareness

Launch your Awareness Upgrade, and a complete introduction to Mindfulness.  

In this workshop we will be diving right into Mindfulness – the simple tools and strategies to give you the confidence and composure to practice.  If you’re anything like me, being mindful those first few times is chaotic with self doubt, fear and even frustration.  Even if you see yourself as an experienced mindfulness participant, you will benefit from this groundwork.

Let’s sweep aside self doubt and fear with some simple tips and actually get into the space for ourselves together.

You’ll be using tools from Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT), Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR), as well as Insight Meditation.

During the Workshop, I’ll introduce you to the one tool that helped me establish a lifelong mindfulness practice – and we’ll make it the foundation of your mindfulness practice these next 30 days.

Launching Awareness is a 90 minute deep dive into Mindfulness, complete with several experiences of mindfulness.  You’ll emerge more calm, centered and with an ongoing sense of self confidence

2. Live Life Coaching Session

Launching Awareness Intentions

Set your intention for this 30 day experience.

A live one to one personal coaching session.  A laser coaching session targeted at your intention for the next 30 days – why you are doing this, and what you expect to gain clarity around in your life.

Identify your personal values and create alignment with your mindfulness.

This might well be a turning point experience for you – when you declare your intentions – whether they be

  • letting go of old thought cycles
  • releasing negative experiences
  • dissolving your story that is no longer helpful

Setting an intention for clarity and purpose is a powerful statement of where you are headed.  Saying your intentions out loud, and to a life coach is a declaration of your commitment to the process.

3. A Personal Writing Journal

Awareness Upgrade Journal

Writing down your thoughts is a transformative experience.

Writing down your thoughts as they emerge from your inner self is the perfect counterpoint to going inward with mindfulness.  Except we are not looking to discover the next bestseller – instead we want to explore a secret mindfulness writing technique.

You’ll learn the simple tool I use to create an instant sense of calm each day – and that has helped me re-connect and re-discover a sense of creativity, play and curiosity.  Journal writing does NOT have to be sharing the daily chores in longhand – far from it – you’ll learn this timeless method of emptying your mind onto the page is as easy as it gets.

  • Includes daily writing prompts live on Facebook, with feedback.
  • Includes original journal for you to write in for the thirty days experience.

4. Mindfulness Moments

Regular Mindfulness Group webinars

Mindfulness FAQ and Q & A doesn’t have to be a singular activity…

Twice a week during the 30 day cycle you are invited to attend the mindfulness moments webinar – a small group (8 maximum) where we invite each other to share mindfulness whilst online together.

Bring your questions and challenges and as a group we work though your process.  Find out how you are going alongside the others in the group and see how your progress is similar.  A great way to stay connected and enthused.

Mindfulness Moments is held Saturdays 3pm (Sydney time) – times may vary depending on participation – more if required.

5. End of Cycle Group Workshop

Awareness Upgrade Tribe Connect and Share

Celebrate your pain points and progress with a group workshop

In the final week of the 30 day Awareness Upgrade, you will be noticing some profound shifts in your awareness.  Even subtle techniques like regular Mindfulness moments, when consistently practised, can bring noticeable change.

In this workshop you are invited to rbing along your succesful insights and share them with the group.  {Past participants have noted ho powerful it is to hear similar stories from other members of the group.

Also, we take it one step further with the Awareness Upgrade, and perform a secret cleansing ritual to help us powerfully release, let go and dissolve what we have been processing this past month.

What is it?

The Awareness Upgrade a practical hands on exploration of where you are at in the present moment in your life.  You’ll be introduced to the whole system of thought that pertains to Mindfulness and Heart Based Coaching.  It’s the best of Western thought and Eastern Mysticism bundled into a workable, synthesis – a “feast of the East and the Best of the West.”

Who Will Benefit?

  • Everyone.  Increased self awareness helps you participate in life more effectively.
  • Those seeking to break out of a rut.  Get unstuck from overwhelm.
  • Those seeking to learn Mindfulness.
  • Those seeking to re-connect with their creativity.
  • Those seeking to restore a sense of personal clarity.

How you can benefit?

You can. Long term, through a level of awareness and self understanding.

1 x 45 minute Mindfulness Group session.  Appreciate mindfulness as a practical tool to actively process, release and let go of your story.  Top tips to get you started, as well as how to nurture your practice so you don’t feel lost.

1 x 45 min Phone/Skype conversations

  • “Delete your fear, self doubt and Imposter syndrome” session 45 minutes.
  • “Procrastination Eradication” session 45 minutes
  • “Edit your Broken Life Story to Future Life Potential”

Unlimited outdoor wellness walks (per availability)

awareness upgrade

But before I offer you the Awareness Upgrade, first let’s take a brief detour into the meaning of self awareness…

Self Awareness is having a clear perception of your personality, including strengths, weaknesses, thoughts, beliefs, motivation, and emotions.  This clear perception enables you to make decisions and choices based on what is best for your unique present circumstances.

Self Awareness allows you to understand other people, how they perceive you, your attitude and your responses to them in the present moment.  It is about having a simple clarity, a groundedness, a sense being in the now.  Self Awareness puts you in the best position to make changes and adjustments to improve your life.

Many of us assume we have self awareness as a given – although this is not true.  We are a complex mix of influences from our childhood, the media, our relationships, our peers and also what is filtered by our mindset.

Awareness upgrade is the Beginning

From self awareness comes the power to choose what you will continue to have in your life, as well as dissolve what you no longer require in your life.  It is as though you can choose by paying attention to what you do want and release other things by not giving them any more energy.

Developing a greater sense of self awareness leads to confidence and self belief that you actually know.  It’s literally knowing.

  • Core Beliefs
  • Essential Nature

Self Awareness has a quiet subtlety that softens so
many unhelpful patterns and behaviours.  We can then choose our responses instead of being held to ransom by the rollercoaster of (what we think are) our spontaneous reactions.  There is less drama and emotional upset – there is a calmness, less judgment and a quietness in the mind.

Being able to assess our learned behaviour as well as our process behaviour means we are in a position to either choose to continue or choose to cease certain ways of responding.

Join me for the Awareness Upgrade on a monthly subscription of $99 – for ongoing access.

“I learned that mindfulness is an everyday thing for me.” Kerrie, Adamstown.

“The awareness upgrade helped me get back from being a victim – it opened up the potential of accepting myself.  I feel lighter and more at home, more at peace.” WB, Newcastle.

“It’s like the clock stopped and I finally had some time for myself.” Melinda, Cooks Hill.