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“the purpose of our life is to seek happiness… we can take positive steps toward achieving happiness.”

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If you have reached a point in your life where you are seeking a deeper connection to your core values and life purpose – you are in the right place.

My heart centered personal coaching is an eclectic blend of yoga principles, Eastern Spirituality, Western Positive Psychology and Modern Personal Development Practices.  It’s a dynamic, action based and most importantly – it works!
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Four Things Stopping You from Moving Forward

Here are the four things people say so they can avoid making changes in their life.  Are you using one of these excuses right now?

1 – Don’t have the Time
It’s about perspective and priorities.  You feel trapped, with no room to grow – and you can’t see how the bigger picture (perspective) could help you clarify exactly what is important in your life (priorities).  So you stay stuck, don’t evolve and just get older…

2 – Coaching Wouldn’t work for Me
That’s exactly right – if you approach any task with skepticism and expect the task to prove it’s worth to you instantly – as soon as you hit a hurdle, you’ll quit.  Maybe we could work on your self belief and confidence so you can start with a can do mindset.

3 – Why Now?  Maybe next year?  Once x happens…
There’s always an excuse to put off taking action.  It’s easier to stay out of shape, or addicted, or not quite succeeding in business – if you just ignore change.  But I believe you are here, reading this right now, today, at this very moment in time, for a reason…

4 – I don’t have the money…
​Maybe you don’t – but you most likely do.  It’s called being resourceful enough to make it happen – if you really wanted to , you could come up with what is required – but right now, you aren’t resourceful enough.  That’s ok. – if only ok is ok with you…

one to one coaching modality


Mastering your mindset is the most powerful tool for a happy and content life.  Using heart centered positive psychology strategies, you’ll breakthrough from your current state into a vibrant and exponential future.

planning and implementation

Bren Murphy uses premium industry benchmark coaching accountability software,.  As we all know, what gets measured gets mastered – so your worksheets, action plans and metrics are all accessible in the cloud.  Chat, message and email support 24/7.

Workshops and webinars

Nothing quite delivers rapid personal growth like live group workshops – meet share and discuss online in a safe, supportive and healing ecosystem.  Implementation Immersion works.