The Foundations Workshop is a four hour masterplan on you – moving past your story, finding a solid grounded space in stillness, and setting in place the deep foundations for this next stage of your life.  It’s about entering into a space of radical self care with a sense of playful curiosity.

I invite you to join me on a walking tour of the beaches – as you unpack your story.  Then, we dive into a series of exercises and personal analysis tools to gain clarity around your essential nature, your personal values and your archetypes.

What is it?

The Foundations Workshop is the best way to make rapid progress in the context of life coaching.  In one super session we can cover so much more ground, as well as break down the traditional barriers that might otherwise exist in a client-mentor relationship.

As we walk side by side, you naturally reveal and open up, and we see each other outside the context of a professional office type setting.  I find natural sunlight and fresh air helps dispel any therapeutic awkwardness – as well as helps build a really intimate rapport which only makes out coaching alliance even more powerful.

Foundations Workshop Bren Murphy

The Foundations Workshop is a moving immersion on where you are right now – and the direction you would like to grow.

We begin by coming home to your present human condition.  Where you are right now is neither good nor bad, it is simply your present.  Healing your past through release and letting go as well as dissolving what blocks your future progress.

Foundations Workshop

Who Will Benefit?

  • Those struggling with Frustration – how expectations, fear of failure and rejection control you and keep you huddled in your comfort zone.
  • Those seeking Clarity – this is not an abstract concept – but instead a rock solid foundation!  Be confident to stop over-analyzing everything and become connected to your intuition.
  • Those seeking Daily Actions to connect thoughts and habits into routines for success.  And success not just as a financial, career success – but a fulfilled, satisfying life.
  • Ready to Attract the Right People into your life and become more conscious and connected?

Foundations Workshop is a turning point

Foundations is a turning point – a pivot – a way to draw a line in the sand and begin the transformation – to reclaim the lost you, or rebuild you through healing and self acceptance.  This is the foundation and the starting point.  Are you ready?

I invite you to join me on this journey of self Foundations Workshop Mindfulness Coachexploration – and experience for yourself the authentic devotion of self care as a way to heal, grow and evolve.  Regardless of where you are coming from, this is an opportunity to engage in a positive psychology approach to growing forward with real life skills and deep one to one connection.

Foundations Workshop

Foundations Workshop

Set aside a four hour block to immerse yourself in this specialist one to one workshop.  A mentor of mine from years back introduced me to the concept of the four hour meeting – explaining that by the time introductions and some rapport is built, many meetings are three quarters out of time.

A four hour workshop – with an outdoor walking component no less – totally rocks this old model and invites an open, intimate sharing environment where we walk side by side, in each other’s shoes almost, and connect.  It worked back then and has worked for many clients since.

Foundations Workshop $395