Mastery Mindset

Hopes and Dreams, or Fears and Doubts?

It doesn’t have to be this way.  Settling in for a long term struggle isn’t what life is about.  When you arrive at a catalytic event in your life cycles, you have three options – freeze, fear or focus.  With Mastery Mindset, I help you choose focus with practical, real-life strategies and inspired big-picture ideas.

Recapturing what you had – inner confidence, clarity, self belief, a sense of calm and composure – it is there for you again.  Starting over and healing from the wounds and stress of life is within reach.  But it does require Focus.

At critical turning points in our life journey, we have the option to either step up or step down – and doing nothing is another form of stepping down.

Mastery Mindset is crucial to grow forward.

Dedicated one to one sessions on the critical areas of the Mastery Mindset.

  • Gratitude – Regain your personal power through gratitude
  • Healing – recover your personal willpower
  • Forgiveness – it’s not what you might think it is.
  • Self Awareness – Mindfulness and directing your attention
  • Thoughts and Words – self communication and self talk
  • Old Words – unhelpful words to excise from your vocabulary
  • Your network – embrace higher energy people and de-toxify your circles
  • Emotional Intelligence – unlearning some old structures
  • Archetypes Analysis – what comes naturally to you?
  • Doing and Being – autopilot awareness
  • Mind Body Connection – in your body, you lose sight of your mind
  • Exercise and Movement – doing change is when change is doing

Mindset Mastery is a ninety laser coaching experience – where you learn what is already within you through a series of guided self-examinations.  As you piece together the material from the workshops, you come to a place where you feel more composure and clarity.  Mastery is just that – the sense of knowing that you have the Awareness, that you have put in place the Foundations, and now the wholeness begins to come together organically.

It’s a type of spiritual awakening – coming home to your self through the series of self exploration tasks.