People hoard stuff like it is going to make a difference somewhere down the track.  It isn’t.  In the meantime you’ll be constipated with junk that needs to be dusted or sprayed for cockroaches. As a kid, I moved 17 times before I finished high school.  I learned that shit is meaningless pretty early on.

So – why did I grow up to be a materialistic pig with investment properties and businesses and reading about leveraging shares?  Well, I did for a while, then I stood back, inhaled a magical spiritual awakening – and now I can sit in stillness and simply be.

So wha?

Hoarding.  It’s hardwired into our brains to collect and categorize things from around age eight – that’s why Lego is so popular.

And it’s impressive – I learned early also that girls are naturally drawn to good collectors – whether it be vinyl, nightclub lists or just plain old money.  Collectors are highly valued – even if it is just as a source of what they have collected.

So we collect and collect and as we wind into the years, we are curating these impressive collections that somehow begin to reflect not opportunity – but maintenance and obligation.  The trainset needs dusting – the stamps need filing.  The hoarding becomes a symbol of past – not future.

Here’s my latest youtube video on Hoarding.  I can’t untangle the idea of with-holding and the scarcity mindset now when I see a hoarder.  I think  of a deprived childhood, or a sense of loss and lack.

But for me personally, less and simplicity is the ultimate.  Not even a beard or a bike – just barefoot, shaven and simple.  Join me.  Next time your run your fingers admiringly along something, first think – “do I really need this?” and don’t pretend that your answer is not unfalteringly  – no…