Mindfulness Moments 001

Up at Strzelecki Lookout, above the sea, autumn breeze freshening off the Pacific Ocean, sitting in stillness with the wind eroding the thoughts from my mind.  

Enjoyed sharing some beautiful moments with this guided introduction to mindfulness this morning, hope you like it….

As you come into stillness, we are starting this mindfulness experience with the understanding that we have the power to control our mind.

We take a nice deep in breath, noting the quality of our breath. And we exhale, taking a little longer to exhale, so that it fully empty our chest.

Take another in breath and explore the opening of your chest, and letting the exhale release a little slower.

Now we will scan our body gently, like rubbing our hands together under running water.

We sense our brow – the space between our eyes, and we bring our attention there, to allow the naturalness there to float and soften so that we relax. And as that space loosens and opens, we drift down to our shoulders, and we sense if they are tight or lifted and we make space so that the shoulders are alert but not alarmed, focus but not frightened.

It’s simple – when your mind drifts away – just notice it, and gently bring it back to centre. To the sensation of your breath, your skin, the air, the sounds around us.

We have the power to control our mind, as we touched on before. And it’s is demonstrated when we can choose how we respond.

As Victor Frankl said – Between the stimulus and the response there is a space and in that space is your power and your freedom

Between the stimulus and your response – that space. That is where we are going in this mindfulness moment today.

Can you bring your attention to that in this mindfulness experience? Sense a softening – a letting go – but also a sense of awareness and focus on what it is like to be here now.

See if you can experience the sensations without putting them into words – just sense them. What does it feel like. No words, just feeling and sensing.

And lengthening the in breath, and slowly releasing the out breath.

It’s like we set our awareness up and then just let it rest there, without judgement or comparison, without needing anything other than our awareness of the moment. The sensations, the thoughts, the sheer physicality of being here in the moment.

It’s about noticing when our mind drifts away in a thought and gently, with deep understanding and self love, gently, bringing it back to center. To the breath.

It's simple - when your mind drifts away - just notice it, and gently bring it back to centre. Click To Tweet

Once more – between stimulus and response – that space. Let’s linger there right now and explore that juiciness for ourselves. It’s about being simply present in the moment. Letting your awareness be here, and staying here.

As we do, we sit in stillness and at some point you’ll hear the bell ringing.