Reflection and Spring Growth

Have been reflecting on these past few weeks, from the end of winter to the start of spring here in Australia. It is a profound shift from stillness and retreat to high energy burst and simply joy at being alive right now.

It is the biggest shift of my annual cycle, and I have come to honour and value it as such. Previously I let cultural or societal norms dictate my inner flow – and waited until mid-summer for the release of Christmas and New Years.

But I was always so impatient to the point of bursting up until then – from the beginning of spring until midsummer. It was as though I wouldn’t let myself fully engage until the officially endorsed social norm of “Christmas” was announced.

It’s the same across so many other domains in life – I have been trained and led to believe that certain things happen on certain days and there are rituals and patterns to follow as that is tradition or the way things are.

But it’s simply not true. We create our own expectations – or even better, we learn to find that space where we actually don’t expect anything.

By stripping back our filters, our prejudices, our preferences – we come back to a state of simple awe, or curiosity, like everything has a shiny newness or fascinating enchantment that is at once completely foreign but also enticing and doesn’t elicit any fear. We just see and do as we feel the flow.

It’s the end of anxiety. Things move at their own pace – and take twists and turns as they are meant to. We’re not defined by outcomes or lost in thought – gazing ahead at what might happen or where things may unfold.

Whether I like it or not, whether I choose to take responsibility or not – I am here right now, at this point, largely through my own actions, choices and acceptance or avoidance of a unique set of opportunities. So it’s my choice to choose the simple clarity of lessening my own burden of expectation.

I feel lighter already… you can join my program here…

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