Mindfulness Autopilot

Jaded.  Sameness.  Stuck.  I didn’t realize it was a choice.  Mindfulness autopilot is the same stuff, day after day, seemingly stretching out into a never ending future.  It’s bland and uninspiring.  And, it’s like we switch onto autopiloit – a default setting where we just go through the motions.

Sitting in traffic, on a train with earbuds, waiting in line, collecting our stuff at the end of the day.  There is a way to spark wonder and gratitude when you are in this rut.  There is a way to re-ignite that playful curiosity of newness – and it begins with choosing to see things differently.

My journey of escape from mindfulness autopilot began after I had chased the rainbow of addiction for years – and found that it did not end with a pot of gold, but instead a broken wreck of health issues.  I fell down, fat, exhausted, lost and ready for nothing except surrender.

My surrender was to give myself the time and effort to truly go inward.  But not in a navel gazing, sentimental-journey kind of way.  Instead, in a growth focused, open mindedness way – where letting go and releasing all of those things past was the only real way forward.

And the solution was not to be found by endlessly slicing and dicing the events of my past – the shame, the tragedy, the humiliation of what I had chosen, or allowed to happen.  I needed a new way of processing my thoughts.  Ruminating and re-examining old baggage was no longer serving me.

And then, quietly, like a long lost traveller patiently waiting outside the door in the rain, I welcomed mindfulness in.  We sat together, in stillness and we finally confronted my inner voice – a thunderous tsunami of judgement and comparison washed over me.  It was a struggle to coming up for air in those first brave mindfulness moments.

Each time I sat in stillness, my inner voice unleashed and I diligently held my ground with resolve and a sense of focus.  Gradually, as I grew more comfortable in the clarity and calm of the gap, I teetered in stillness and observed my inner critic wither and melt.  It was as though my ego – my whole story of suffering and sacrifice, was evaporating in the light of mindfulness.

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Mindfulness Autopilot

Now, when I sense the steamroller of sameness looming up behind me, I have the choice to go inward and wave away those thoughts as the mere distractions that they are.  It’s a grounded completeness that comes from knowing that never again will I be tormented by what others might think, or what might have happened in the past.  Mindfulness is an inheritance built on the power of the present moment – for that is the only reality that there is.

Are you stuck on autopilot?  Struggling with a sense of incompleteness?  Seeking a reset and would like to align your focal point in a fresh, inspiring new direction?

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