Building a meaningful future from our tired self requires alchemy.

Finally accepting that I was at rock bottom mean there was only one choice remaining.

Stay at rock bottom, or spark something to life.

Sparking something to life required a personal alchemy – a kind of energy to bring something beautiful and magical out of all the ruins and broken bits that my life had become. First of all I looked outside for a quick catalyst – something to breakthrough instantly.

  • I tried the geographical solution – moving house. Lots of phone calls and I would lose my garden. Nope.
  • I tried the “maybe I’m actually really ill and I just don’t know it” solution. Lots of waiting rooms and yawning specialists. Nope.
  • I tried waiting for something external to come like a bolt of lightning. Crickets. Nope.
  • I tried serendipity – seeing something or someone that wasn’t quite there yet as the saviour. Crickets again. Nope.

Finally, I surrendered and began to look inside. I opened up to some internal re-alignments and began letting go of some old beliefs that had me anchored in my past.

I talked to someone who didn’t know my story so I could edit the bits I wanted to let go of and shine the spotlight on the areas I wanted to shine.

I released a lot of shit this way, and honestly the “lamp post” counselling worked – the other person honestly sitting there, listening but not offering any advice, solutions or guidance, just nodding and soaking it up like a lamp post.

Alchemy is your own personal magic to break through – deciding to do it and taking responsibility to make today a turning point in your story.

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And the magic? Not taking it too seriously, Smiling with a sense of playful curiosity that no matter how solid and permanent things may seem now – once you apply your mind alchemy you can melt steel and re-shape it into you next chapter in life.

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